better environment


by Dino Trumić

In today’s world, everybody looks for  its personal interests. Only few people think about those one in need, those who need help. In this « material world » there are still good people left. One of them is Mohamed Gnabaly. He together with his team, created an organization that is completely devoted to the people in need. It is Novaedia and its only interests are to give a chance to the people that aren’t « on the map ». Mohamed gave us insight in his and work of his team.

better environmentNovaedia is an organization that works in region of Isle of St. Denis and St. Denis and wants to create stabile opportunities for the young people, to put them on the right way and give them a chance for a good life.  » The reason of our existance is to build a succesfull social economy in poor neighbourhood, and to make children and young people stabile and independent and to help them to raise above these bad conditions in which they are », said Mohamed. He also stated that the idea of his team is to participate in economic and social development of the region and to promote equal opportunities for everybody.

Novaedia has set its sights to work on different areas such as promotion of organic farming, facilitation of the integration of people in the difficulty, funding educational and socio-cultural projects in poor neighbourhoods, and allowing the planting of fruit trees in African villages.  » Our work is rooted in a social and solidarity economy approach. In order to transform the individualistic logic of capitalism, we strive to promote altruism and mutual aid. Our partners share and defend these values. Active throughout the Ile-de-France, our team of permanent volunteers and experts struggles to make our possible and sustainable adventure », said Mohamed.

Novaedia is an organization that aims to create circle which leads to relationship betwen companies in this area. They are succeding in that because a lot of people are working and they are finding their way to the right path.

better environment

We were interested in the way in which this organization funds itself and Mohamed said : « We are financing ourself from public contributions from our partners and randoom people and from our personal fees. The reason for that is that we want to stay independent so that no one and nothing can influence on our aims and on our work ». He also stated that with job expanding they will have to hire people full-time so they can completely devote themselves to this cause.

Mohamed was happy to share with us the meaning of the organization for this region.  » For our job we have meaning in a way of recognition and reward of employees, promotion of well-being, health and solidarity. For the territory the meaning is development of the local economy, employability of people in difficulty, funding for education, social and environmental and for the environment, tree planting, promotion of a sustainable economy, and creating awareness for the danger of pollution and waste »- said Mohamed.

Novaedia will most certainly continue with it’s work and with the determination and will that they have,they can only progress and make this environment better for everyone.